Sunday, July 3, 2011

Four in one day

So I've been missing for four days - sorry.  The first two were due to silly computer having a hissy fit and not working and then suddenly deciding to work again - WTF!?!!? 

The last two days have been kind of laziness and kind of because I was meant to be on a non-tech holiday away at the beach which fell through (which is very sad, but we are trying to be positive and will be going on the 'holiday' at the end of the month instead), so I have been trying to have a 'holiday' at home.

So here are four good things in one day:

1.  Crowded House - Four Seasons in One Day (cos you can't beat Kiwi boys done good, plus Neil likes Piha and so do me and Ollie! and without doubt this is the Auckland anthem - especially in the last week!)

2. These guys.  Wish there was somewhere like this for me when I was a teen.  But then again would I have found them or they me?

3.  I am watching this programme as I type and it is just making me smile with its feel-good-ness and the non-icky way it is doing it.  Good old BBC done it again.  I'm loving its sense of fun and dry British humour.  Much like I love my Pommie friends (yes Jean that means you!).

Episode image for Framed

4.  And last but by no means at all least.......

This is where we were meant to be this weekend and can't wait to be there to stay at the end of the month instead, Piha.

Playing at Piha with Aunty Kelly and her girls Winter 2009

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